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Our CEO Dominec Holmes has spent over 10 years seeking out and mastering all the ins and outs of marketing and copywriting.

What began as a personal journey to learn how to promote his own poetry books and astrology business… transformed into a clear and predictable path to financial freedom… 

Dominec says, when he was introduced to REAL marketing… “it was like being a fly on the wall  watching the Wizard of Oz at work…” he knew then, he NEVER had to worry about money or freedom again.

He is dedicated to providing streamlined educational, technological, marketing, copywriting, publishing services and more to Black entrepreneurs so you can enjoy the freedom you sought when you decided stepping away from the 10 hour days… was the BEST decision for you… 

Having beat unbelievable odds in his personal life. Dominec has shown his hands on… rather than hands out mentality can even level the playing field for convicted felons…

Dominec operates from the  perspective that “The wealth gap” is a symptom or the information gap.

Having walked away from a multiple six figure spiritual business to have a greater impact in the Black community by arming the people with business savvy that will help them go nuclear.  

There are people two types of people in this world. Those who stick to the script and those who write them.

You have to decide which person you are going to be. 

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