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No need to waste time learning how to use design programs or starting from scratch whenever you create a new ebook.

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No more wasted money on mediocre designers that deliver average results. No more paying for expensive revisions to make your ebooks look just right.

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No more dull-looking ebooks. No generic templates used by thousands. Your professionally branded content will be completely unique to you and your brand

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No need to worry if your branding is good enough. Get the beautiful, high-end look your business deserves. And with unlimited revisions, we won't stop until it's perfect.

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When you want to learn a subject in depth, there’s no substitute for a good book. Whether you’re creating an eBook for business lead generation or thought leadership, to market your health care business or showcase your nonprofit, we’ll show you that anyone can make an eBook.

Most frequent questions and answers

Book Design FAQs

Book design covers two elements: book cover and book layout design. A book cover design aims to draw attention to the book with a unique and captivating cover. And by contrast, book layout design plans out the layout of the interior pages of the book. Both are extremely important for a successful book.

Book cover design is a visualization of your book's content. It should so capture the soul of your work, visually communicating your message to your readers. It should be eye-catching, memorable, visually pleasing, and clearly convey your book’s title and the topic at a glance. People always see your book’s cover before they read it!

If you’ve written a book, you’ll want a cover to make your book look professional and visually pleasing. A book cover designer can create a visual asset that catches someone’s eye and persuades them to buy your book. Think of it as the outward face of your book, the first impression that everyone sees.

A perfectly laid-out book results in an excellent reading experience and a good looking book. A book layout designer will make sure your pages look appealing, the images fit within the text, and there is consistency throughout the entire book – ultimately leading to smooth reading and a strong connection with your readers.

You should prep your designer by generally thinking about the impression you want your book to portray: Should it be professional and serious? Fun and playful? Creative and unconventional? Think about who the audience is, what type of image you want, and the text to include.

Because a book cover is a visual component, you should begin by finding a designer whose style fits your book. Look through their portfolio for unique and original illustrations. You’ll also want someone who can incorporate your vision into a visual reference. Sketching, digital graphics, or photography are also skills to look for.

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E-Book Cover

$ 90
  • Front Cover Only
  • eBook Design with up to 3 Mock-ups
  • 3-Working Days Delivery
  • 5x Revisions
  • 1 Design Concept
  • Source File
  • 3D mockup

Hardback or Jacket Cover

$ 250
  • HD Quality Premium Print
  • Ready Full Cover Design (Including Hardback or Jacket Cover)
  • 3D Mockups
  • 8-Working Days Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1 Design Concept
  • Back & Spine Designs
  • Jacket Cover
  • Source File
  • Social Media Kit

Paperback Cover

$ 150
  • Full Book Cover Design (Front, Spine and Back)
  • Ready for print + 3D Mock-ups
  • 5-Working Days Delivery
  • 8x Revisions
  • 1 Design Concept
  • Back & Spine Designs
  • Source File
  • 3D Mockup

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