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  • Permanent

  • Full-time

Job description

This is a fully remote position., a marketing technology, and marketing analytics agency, is in search of a data magician to become our Director of Marketing Analytics to help our clients grow their business. This person will work with our marketing and analytics team to build efficient data pipelines that power insightful data products, dashboards, and analysis.

Our Mission at is to help companies of all sizes realize their customer data is their most valuable business asset. And we help them realize that through customer data infrastructure, high power analytics, marketing automation, personalization, and funnel optimization. supports businesses with analytics, marketing automation, customer data platforms, data piping, websites, AB testing, and all sorts of marketing operations. As we derive insights from these technical efforts, we also inform & execute growth strategies that routinely move the needle for our clients.

Our track record is impeccable, and our leadership has supported some of the fastest-growing companies in the world.’s core client base sells online and has complex data and marketing practices that drive our team to dig deeper every day.

Position’s Mission: To lead the systems-based projects, assigned account leads, directly lead client analytics/measurement/systems projects, and all client’s measurement strategy to generate revenue increases while maintaining a personal labor efficiency ratio of 3.0 or higher within 90 days of starting.


  • Work directly with the client to create analytics specifications
  • Create analytics and integration schemas to build analytics spec
  • Write JS to integrate schema into tag manager and other solutions
  • Build data pipeline diagrams to showcase program
  • Integrate new data management technologies and software engineering tools into existing structures.
  • Automate convergence of large amounts of data from numerous sources
  • Research and apply new big data technologies and stacks to solve business problems
  • Build dashboards based on KPI Metrics
  • Measure conversion and behavior tracking in all stages of the funnel

Desired experience:

  • Google Analytics Expert
  • 1+ years of experience with Amplitude Analytics
  • 1+ years of experience with
  • Google Tag Manager Expert
  • Experience writing Javascript
  • Strong developer communication skills
  • Proven expertise in Segment, Mixpanel, and Amplitude
  • Experience building and analyzing Mysql database
  • Experience storing, transforming, and reporting on a RedShift database.
  • Can write javascript to build out tracking systems
  • Experience working with developers to implement server-side code
  • WordPress, and E-commerce Integration experience
  • Experience in Various Dashboard and Data Studio tools
  • Google Optimize, VWO and Various AB testing tool tracking experience
  • Autopilot, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, or other marketing automation software integration experience
  • Has worked in a client-facing role building analytics integrations

Desired Skills:

  • Team player
  • Highly coachable
  • Quick learner that can adapt to an ever-changing startup environment
  • Excellent communication skills (speaking, listening, and writing)
  • Positive and energetic personality
  • Fearless with a willingness to try new ideas and concepts
  • Organized, efficient, and ready to get stuff done
  • Autonomous and driven
  • Scrappy and resourceful
  • Project management

Observable indicators to let you know you are performing well in this role.

  • Client Strategy: Lead client growth and optimization strategy to identify revenue opportunities to have a 6-month roadmap for your clients
  • Client Happiness: Secure approval from the client to conduct either a case study or video testimonial of their project at 3 months, 6 months, and/or at project compµletion 85% of the time.
  • Client Retention: Retain 80% of clients in recurring contracts over a rolling 3-month period
  • Project performance: Achieve a labor efficiency ratio of 3.0+ on client projects by your 90th day
  • Client Expansion: Expand project size/scope/revenue 10% of the time by the third month of work with a client
  • Client performance: Accomplish 90% of the client’s objectives during the project timeline

Job Description:

This is a high-impact role that is in charge of selecting, integrating, and deploying analytics tools and frameworks required to provide advanced measurement capabilities to some of the fastest-growing companies. You will be working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, startup environment where deadlines and time management are a must.

In this position, you will lead client projects with the support of the internal team to ensure we have all tracking set up to manage our complex marketing projects. You will interface directly with the client to understand their analytics and measurement needs. You will turn your notes from these meetings into analytics schema’s which can measure conversions and all stages of the funnel, both online and offline.

These analytics schemas will also be used to create integration with other tools using This role must have experience using Segment and writing schemas to power the entire marketing and sales stack. You will be responsible for managing the project from start to finish to ensure we are tracking the right things; things being tracked are correct and manage client and internal resources to have measurement needs coded correctly.

After a project has been measured, you will help the team fine-tune the reporting to ensure we can generate insights to optimize marketing programs.

This will require strong project management skills to ensure nothing is dropped. You will also be responsible for ad-hoc report building to help a client find answers to their toughest questions.

If a report cannot be created out of the box, you will provide more advanced solutions to help them find the answer. This will include setting up a SQL database for them to improve their reporting and show this on a dashboard using tools from Tableau to Looker to ReDash.

As you get up to speed with the companies processes, our client needs and you can assess future pipeline you will be responsible for the recruiting and the hiring of multiple Senior Data Analysts to further expand our data team and service offerings.


  • Unlimited PTO
  • Flexible hours
  • Work remotely
  • 401K match (3%)
  • Premium Health, Dental, and Visions Insurance (dependant coverage offered)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Competitive salary with opportunities for bonuses
  • Company Laptop, Monitor, and other equipment needed for remote setup
  • Federal holidays off for
  • Radically transparent workplace
  • Ample opportunity to implement your ideas and suggestions
  • Become a thought leader in the marketing technology community
  • Continued education and training that exceeds what you have ever seen before
  • $25 monthly Starbucks allowance
  • $50 monthly Uber Eats allowance
  • Soup when you are sick
  • Birthday and Anniversary gifts

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