5 Ways You Can explode Your Income This Black Friday.

5 Ways You Can Explode Your Income This Black Friday!

Black Friday usually means small businesses being boxed out by the giants of the sales industry like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. 2021 brought out 155 million shoppers and drove over $8.9 billion in online sales. You deserve to get a piece of the pie.

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Know Your Customer

Before you can even think about what products to sell or how much to discount them by, the first step is to know your customer. Your customers are the people who are actively buying from your brand. They are the people who are already engaged with your business and are likely to spend more. To know your customer, you must ask questions and seek feedback on your products and services. You should also be aware of how your customers are interacting with your brand. On your website, offer surveys and polls to collect feedback from your customers. You can also look at the data from your email marketing campaigns to see what interests your customers and what topics they want to learn more about. By knowing your customers and what influences their purchasing decisions, you’ll be able to tailor your Black Friday sales to suit their needs.

Welcome To Black Nov!

Before the sales begin, your customers should know when Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will occur. While Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday typically falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. For retailers, Black Friday is the day with the highest sales volume, while Cyber Monday is the day with the highest revenue. By letting your customers know the dates of the sales, they’ll be able to plan their shopping trips and budgets accordingly. By creating buzz and anticipation around the sales, you’ll attract more customers and have a higher chance of converting them into sales.

Create An Outstanding Black Friday Experience

Black Friday is designed to be an exceptional customer experience. People will expect to be surprised, delighted, and even shocked. Your customers want to be engaged with your brand and have a positive buying experience. With the rise of e-commerce, the in-store shopping experience has suffered from neglect. Consequently, the online shopping experience, in turn, has suffered from the same neglect. Your goal is to make your customers’ buying experience memorable and create a rich brand story. You can do this by providing valuable content, running contests, and hosting events designed to draw attention and build buzz around your brand.

A Little Surprise for Black Friday Morning

You can also create an impactful Black Friday experience by surprising your customers with gifts and offers. You can do this by hosting a contest or creating an unique product and dropping it on Black Friday. By creating a brand moment and offering a small gift, you can make your customers happy and excited while also boosting your brand’s visibility. Take the legendary Air Jordan sneakers as an example. Every year, Nike releases a special-edition Air Jordan to commemorate Black Friday. The brand also releases a different version of the sneakers every year.

Bundling Is the New Black

Black Friday is all about buying products at discounted rates. As an example, you could bundle a toaster with a set of plates or a blender with a set of knives. Typically, these standalone items are sold at a certain price. By bundling them together with another product, you can discount the entire set by the price of the standalone items. This is a great way to increase profits. By offering bundles, you can provide more value to your customers while increasing your profit margins. For example, if you sell coffee mugs, you could bundle a coffee mug with a bag of coffee beans. This way, you can sell coffee mugs at their original price while offering coffee beans at a discounted price. This will appeal to customers who just want coffee mugs and customers who want coffee beans as well.

Cyber Monday Is Continuously Becoming a Bigger Deal

Black Friday has always been the day with the highest sales volume. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, has been the day with the highest revenue. In recent years, the two dates have been slowly merging. By expanding your sales online and offering discounts online, you could create stronger sales and generate more revenue. By offering deals on your website, you make it easy for customers to shop from home. You could also take advantage of social media and email marketing campaigns to generate more traffic to your website.

Here is FIVE ways that you can get in on the action!

  1. Sign up for the Amazon Associates affiliate program. Once you have signed up you can post links on your social media and text them to your family and friends. It doesn’t matter if they buy what you recommend. You will earn a commission on everything they purchase over the next 24 hours from Amazon. 
  2. Drop shipping holiday and family oriented merchandise from Printify.com. Printify.com has a free and a paid version. You can effortlessly create custom or branded products and mark them up for profit. This is commonly called a POD or print on demand business. You don’t hold any inventory or ship any products you simple click a couple options and get paid!
  3. PLR or Private label rights are products (e-Books, DVDs, Online Training Videos and more ) you can buy the rights to sell or give these away free as bonuses to increase the value of your own products and services. I use idplr.com and plr.me.
  4. Create a sales funnel that has a relevant upsell. Sales funnels can dramatically increase your earning potential. I have personally earned over $50,000.00 in less than a week from my sales funnels. He is a link to a funnel training that is free by  Clickfunnels!
  5. Start you Black Friday sale Early! Start early and finish late is the proper formula for successfully boosting your revenue Black Friday and holiday sales in general. 100 sales at half price will always bring in more money than 10 of the same products at the same price. Tailor your Black Friday sales to suit their needs

Final Words

On average, 80% of retailers plan to run Black Friday sales. With so much competition, it’s important to stand out and offer the best deals and experiences to your customers. By following these 5 tips, you can explode your profits and build an even stronger relationship with your customers.

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