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Job Details

Title: Front end developer

Location:, Downey, CA, 90242

Duration: 12+ months

Position Description

A Front End Web Developer uses modern, front end web development tools, techniques, and methods for the creation and deployment of user-facing interfaces and is comfortable working in an environment to routinely deploy changes. The Front End Web Developer will perform front end web development using modern techniques and frameworks (e.G., HTML5, CSS3, CSS frameworks like LESS and SASS, Responsive Design, Bourbon, Twitter Bootstrap); perform JavaScript development using modern standards, including strict mode compliance, modularization techniques and tools, and frameworks and libraries (e.G., jQuery, MV* frameworks such as Backbone.Js and Ember.Js, D3); develop and consumes web-based RESTful APIs; work in team environments that use various methodologies (e.G., Scrum, Lean); use version control systems (e.G., Git and GitHub); ensure Section 508 Compliance; research and learn new programming tools and techniques; work with open source solutions and community; create web layouts from static images; and create views and templates in full-stack frameworks like Rails, Express, or Django.

Skills Required

Front End Web Developers will possess knowledge and experience in working on new and existing micro-sites, landing pages, and templates and provide guidance and troubleshooting support to clients; show skills such as presenting completed HTML and CSS mobile and desktop mockups to clients, fixing front end related bug issues on existing client website and HTML prototypes, and updating and creating print media and internal graphics for the marketing department; and expertise in several programming languages, such as HTML5, W3C, and CSS3.

Skills Preferred

Consultant should have skills in various coding languages and frameworks including, but not limited, to PHP, NodeJS, React Native, Java/JavaScript, CSS, CLI scripting, GitHub, Linux, Windows, OpenShift (OCP), WP Engine (WPE), and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Experience Required

This classification must have a minimum of four (4) years of experience in front end web development tools, techniques and methods for user-facing interfaces.


The consultant should know how to apply Agile methodologies to develop full-featured, highly customized and complex WordPress websites by assessing business requirements, evaluating, and proposing solutions, wireframing/prototyping, coding, testing and deployment. Also, consultant should have extensive experience of the Open-Source Content Management System (CMS), technology and methodology of API, WordPress, Drupal, Documentum, and Enterprise Web Search Tool (i.E.: Elastic/Algolia Search

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