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At Schaefer Ad Co., our goal as an agency is to make life better for our clients, our team, our community and ourselves. Our culture impacts every area of the agency and is rooted within every employee from the top down. Across each discipline, every person at the agency is encouraged to be their best selves, even the agency dog. That is why Schaefer Ad Co. is more than just one person, or a name on a building, or even just a place where people come to work. It is a place that fosters community, where differences are admired, and out-of-the-box ideas are encouraged. Within these four walls is an environment that demands self and team growth via exposure to new things. This mindset is what drives our agency to be an empowering place to work that always strives to maintain a fun, engaging and collaborative environment.

Whether it is through our various Schaefer outings or our internal kitchen get-togethers, at Schaefer, individuality is celebrated at every opportunity. The result of this type of environment is a place that every employee is proud to call home. Because at Schaefer Ad Co. we are more than just merely coworkers, we are a family – and not the type that is simply united by blood, or are forced to spend the holiday together, but a group of people who genuinely trust, care about, and look out for each other.


If you are a self-motivated, hard worker with excellent communication skills and possess extremely high standards of accountability and trust worthiness, then we would love to hear from you. The paid internship begins in May and will last for approximately 11 weeks. We require no more than 25 hours per week at a minimum of 3 days in the office per week. We welcome the opportunity to apply your time with us towards university credit.

What should you expect?

Not all internships are created equal. At Schaefer Advertising, our interns get the opportunity to work on real client projects, gain real-world knowledge and be mentored by some of the industry’s best. Our goal is to help provide our interns with an immersive agency experience that will help them build a foundation as they get ready to enter their first advertising job. And if you’re a rockstar and the stars align, that first advertising job could be on the Schaefer team.

What do we expect out of you?

Long gone are the days of interns fetching coffee or just taking meeting recap notes. Our expectation is for you to be an active member of our team. That means you will be asked to own projects, have a point-of-view, meet deadlines and join in on all of the nitty gritty of our day-to-day work.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

Due to COVID-19, we are in a fluid situation. We believe being able to work in the office is important to the success of the intern. Additionally, at Schaefer, the safety and well-being of all our employees, including interns, is of utmost importance. As such, it is possible that we may need to modify or even cancel internships based on the outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic. And, while not optimal, it is possible that all or a part of your internship will be working remotely.

Web Developer Intern:

The Web Developer intern will be coached by the Front End Developer and work closely with all members of the Development Team. Responsibilities will include:

  • Assist development on websites, landing pages and emails
  • Work with creative team and develop products according to provided mockups
  • Develop and manipulate Wordpress themes and plugins
  • Develop a strong QA process and provide hands-on testing, debugging and ongoing maintenance of new and existing site
  • Animate and develop display banners and other web graphics


  • Proficient in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Understanding of Adobe XD, Figma or similar user interface software
  • Understanding of Javascript
  • Understanding of PHP a plus
  • Experience in Wordpress theme and plugin development a plus
  • Ability to identify bugs and improve usability with the end-user in mind
  • Must be flexible, adaptable and have the ability to learn quickly in various technical and creative environments
  • You must sign a confidentiality agreement
  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must be available up to 25 hours per week at a minimum of three days per week in the office for 16 weeks
  • Must take direction well and be detail-oriented

We’re Schaefer Ad. Co. Are you up for joining our crew?



Every job in the world comes with a certain set of expectations. But at Schaefer, we set the bar unapologetically high. Exceeding expectations is a great place to start. Every job matters, and whether it’s behind the scenes or in front of our clients, performing each task with excellence is what sets us apart.


Every Schaefer employee is responsible for positively contributing to the length and breadth of our culture. We have a responsibility to each other and to our clients, so we will be our best, healthiest selves. That doesn’t mean we’re all the same; we’re a diverse collection of personalities, preferences, tastes and talents. We will be patient. We will be kind. We will be respectful and compassionate. We will put others first. We will always tackle conflict with respect.


Good work is expected. Great work is rewarded. We all play a role in advancing this company forward, and each person’s path will be clearly defined based on their responsibilities, performance, capacity to grow and drive to learn. We invest and reward employees who consistently demonstrate a drive for company and personal growth.


We will provide a clear path for all employees through training and experiences to develop the skills and characteristics needed for advancement. We value transparency in the form of open and honest dialogue across every position in the company. We want to understand your career aspirations – and we will be transparent with you as that relates to your opportunity for growth and advancement.


No one’s perfect. And no one’s an island. If we’re going to meet our high standards and lofty goals for growth and achievement, we all need accountability. To us, this isn’t a looking down but a coming alongside of one another as we all pursue excellence. You have a responsibility to yourself and to the agency to do what you say you are going to do, when you said you were going to do it. And help hold others accountable to doing the same.

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