• USA

  • $60,000-80,000 per year

  • Permanent

  • Full-time

Hi. We’re UpBuild, and we’re looking to add another awesome person to our team. UpBuild exists so that driven and passionate technical marketers (people who love bridging the gap between marketing and web technology) can do their best work, in their ideal environment, for clients whom they’re excited to work for. We’ve been hard at work becoming an established agency over the last eight years, and the time has come for us to expand our team by bringing on another talented Senior Marketing Strategist — a role that is the pillar upon which the company is built.

About the Senior Marketing Strategist Role

The ideal candidate for this position will be a rare mix of Account Manager and in-the-weeds Strategist. Did we mention we don’t have an account management layer here? A Senior Marketing Strategist works directly with a client to get to the heart of their marketing problem(s), architects a solution, communicates recommendations back to the client, and then works with them to make sure things get done.

In more detail, this means a Senior Marketing Strategist:

  • Brings in-depth expertise in SEO, analytics, and digital marketing strategy to the organization. We don’t do link building (although we build authority building strategies, with the goal of helping our clients build link acquisition into their internal processes) or content creation — this role is technical and strategic in nature. Some examples of the kinds of activities a Senior Marketing Strategist might be asked to do include (but aren’t limited to):
  • Performing a full Technical SEO Audit of a client site.
  • Working with client-side developers, writers, and marketing managers to prioritize and execute against our recommendations, making sure our advice actually gets implemented, and the client sees results.
  • Developing a Content Strategy to help a client better reach their target audiences; working with client content teams to create valuable in-depth resources.
  • Auditing a client’s analytics implementation to make sure it’s as robust, accurate, and complete as possible.
  • Recommending, building, and deploying custom tracking in Google Analytics 4 to support a client’s data needs. Building dashboards in tools such as Google Looker Studio to make that data as useful as possible.
  • Building and deploying semantic markup for client sites.
  • Taking ownership of SEO for a client site redesign, migration, or new site project.
  • Meeting regularly with clients to plug into their overall marketing activities and goals, making sure SEO is supporting them in those goals.
  • Serves as the point person on 3 to 4 client accounts, which means they:
  • Are responsible for client communication and satisfaction.
  • Own and execute most of the day-to-day work.
  • Work with the CEO and Director of Client Success to plan overall direction on accounts.
  • Delegate tasks to supporting team members and provide them with thoughtful direction and feedback.
  • Thinks creatively and critically to make their work the best it can be and to delight their clients.
  • Contributes to UpBuild’s thought leadership in the space through blogging, tool development, webinars, public speaking, and/or other comparable initiatives.
  • Is a vital and active part of the UpBuild team, providing support and collaborating with other Senior Marketing Strategists.
  • Spends time learning independently and with the UpBuild team, taking classes, and attending conferences and webinars.
  • May need to travel (paid by us, of course) a few times per year for client visits and/or company retreats.


You’re a dedicated SEO and analytics geek who’s been working in digital marketing for three or more years. You love being able to help your clients grow and thrive, and you legitimately feel bad about not being able to get results for a client. You’re a voracious learner who goes out of your way to learn from and help the people you work with. You want to get your hands dirty and actually achieve results, and maybe dream of being able to do what you love for a select few clients and focus on them intensively instead of being underwater all the time.

We’re hiring for an experienced role here, so folks coming from an agency background are likely going to be a good fit, but we’ve had incredible team members come from in-house backgrounds, too.

As someone who could excel in this position, you:

  • Are excited about the potential of joining an already successful startup and helping it grow into its next chapter.
  • Take extreme pride in your work and thrive in an environment that recognizes your contributions.
  • Are intrinsically motivated to help others do well (both clients and team members).
  • Consider yourself a shameless idealist (everyone at UpBuild is) and want to spend your days working on something that matters with people who care about it.
  • Want to work for an organization that values work-life balance and positive company culture (not just one that pays lip service to the idea by talking about it a lot) and are excited about the challenges of joining

. * Have read through

and are stoked to start using them in your day-to-day decision-making.

Your Experience

Over the course of your career, you:

  • Have worked in SEO for 3 years or more, preferably with at least some of that time spent in an agency setting.
  • Have proven expertise in our core disciplines: technical SEO and web analytics. Preferably, you also have experience in complementary disciplines such as CRO, authority building, or content strategy as well.
  • Have a demonstrated knowledge of web technology, including most of the below:
  • Website or web app development using major CMS platforms (e.g., WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify).
  • Basic client-side scripting (e.g., JavaScript).
  • Basic server-side scripting (e.g., PHP, Python).
  • Have a working understanding of how websites are built and function (HTML, CSS, information architecture, etc.).
  • Can explain to a non-developer what the building blocks of a website are, how indexable content is delivered to a search bot or human website user, what cookies are, how analytics data is collected, etc.
  • Are proficient in using:
  • Google Analytics (including GA4), Tag Manager, & Search Console;
  • Screaming Frog;
  • Spreadsheets (doesn’t have to be Excel — we use Google Docs for everything);
  • SEO tools (such as Moz, SEMRush, Majestic, Raven, Ahrefs — everyone uses different tools in different ways, but you should understand what these tools are and how to use them to do what you need to do).
  • Have experience speaking at public events, writing blog posts, and/or finding unique and creative ways to use web technology for digital marketing;
  • Get huge bonus points if you have experience/interest in
  • marketing automation,
  • headless browsing,
  • mobile app development,
  • progressive web apps,
  • Angular, React, Gatsby, or other JS Frameworks,
  • analyzing log files,
  • website personalization,
  • data visualization,
  • user experience,
  • entity extraction,
  • Chrome extension development,
  • REST APIs, or
  • machine learning.

Formal education in marketing, business, data science, etc., is great but not required. The same goes for having a college degree — no one gets a degree in digital optimization or web analytics anyway. A track record of getting exceptional results, successfully managing client/team relationships, and being stoked about startup culture and optimization is what really counts.


Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary, starting between $60,000 and $80,000 (plus bonuses and benefits).
  • Flexible schedule: Office hours are 9 AM to 2:30 PM Pacific, Monday — Friday. Other than that, you’re free to get your work done when it works best for you.
  • Remote work: Full control of the office thermostat, choice of music, no commuting. You don’t have to worry about our “return to office” plan because we’ve been fully distributed from day 1.
  • Progressive PTO policy & paid holidays — 31+ days off per year.
  • Optional 4-day work week after 3 months — use when you need it, or make it your standing schedule.
  • Volunteer Time Off: An extra PTO day each quarter to spend volunteering with the nonprofit of your choice.
  • 12+ weeks of family leave for all new parents (with plans to increase as we grow).
  • Annual Home Office Allowance to help make your personal workspace your ideal place to work.
  • Ongoing education & training opportunities (e.g., conferences, classes, tuition reimbursement, etc.).
  • Profit sharing & bonus plan.
  • 100% Health & Dental/100% for spouses and registered domestic partners.
  • 401(k) with matching.
  • Monthly co-working allowance to spend on whatever outside-the-house working environment works for you, whether that’s a co-working space or coffee at the local coffee shop.

Why You Want to Work for Us

So what makes us different from places you may have been in the past?

  • Intentional Workload: Senior Marketing Strategists are capped at 4 clients (that’s 4, not 40). We want you to be able to focus on your clients intensely for the sake of their success and your own sanity.
  • Control Your Destiny:

before we ever send out a proposal. Ensuring that the whole team thinks there’s a good mutual fit and is stoked about every client we engage with is a win-win for the team and for our clients. * A Distributed Team: We’re 100% remote, which means you can work from wherever you work best and be part of a natively digital team (at this time, we’re only able to hire people who are eligible for full-time employment in the United States, although we hope to change that at some point in the future).

  • Build a Better Company: We’re shamelessly idealistic. At UpBuild, you’ll get to be a part of changing what it means to work at a marketing agency.

Our mission as a company is to make the old digital marketing agency model obsolete by building an alternative that’s better in every way. We won’t accomplish that just by talking and blogging about it; we’ve got to prove it through our hard work, our amazing client relationships, and our results. We want you to join the cause and help us accomplish that.

As passionate optimizers, we’re always interested in optimizing our processes as well. To that end, we’re especially interested in candidates with development and programming experience under their belts, who’ve never met a repeated process they didn’t want to automate, and whose catchphrase is “I bet I could build a tool for that.”

Oh, and while we love what we do in the office, our lives are much more than what we do for our paychecks. The ideal candidate has interests outside the office: hobbies, a family, aspirations to travel the world, or just a long streaming queue. They value being able to do great work and hustle while they’re clocked in but want to be able to check out and “go home” at the end of the day. UpBuild believes that helping team members do fulfilling work, manage stress, and promote balance in their lives is just as important as providing training and tools.

More about us:

  • After eight years, we still consider ourselves a startup and are entirely funded by the work we do for our amazing clients.
  • We’re a woman-run company committed to being a welcoming workplace for everyone.
  • In keeping with our commitment to remote work and flexible hours, we’re focused on delivering results, meeting our deadlines, and making our clients’ lives easier/better. We don’t use “hours worked” as a metric for job performance, and eschew the “bodies in seats” mentality of time tracking and team management.
  • We’re constantly learning from each other, asking each other for help, and showing each other new and better ways to get things done.
  • We’re continually working on exploring and adding new benefits to make your work life better.

If all this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch!